About Us

Our Mission:

We are a trusted partner providing innovative insurance products and services that promote workplace safety and exceptional care for injured workers.

Headquartered in Lansing, Mich., Emerging Markets is a premier provider of innovative insurance solutions committed to leading the industry with superior underwriting and exceptional medical management strategies. The collective strength of Emerging Markets ensures our customers have access to these resources along with the support needed to keep costs down and workplaces safe.

Emerging Markets focused and knowledgeable people build industry-leading best practices, analytics and resources to manage risk and minimize loss for our policyholders while strengthening businesses with our agent partners.

We strive to continuously increase the long-term value of our organization by outperforming our industry peers; attracting, developing and retaining top talent; and fostering a culture of underwriting and claims excellence.

“We are focused on transforming our organization by expanding our insurance offerings, both in and outside of workers’ compensation, to meet the evolving needs of employers and agents.” ~Liz Haar, President & CEO

Our culture is one of innovation, collaboration and continuous improvement, all focused around our customers. The strength in each of our brands is a combination of their specialized knowledge of their industries, combined with the systems and support Emerging Markets provides. We balance our national presence with intense focus on each and every one of our customers and our agent partners. Our business is helping businesses — small and large — throughout the country.